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Praetorians School Muay Thai & MMA Curriculum

 The School applies a professional Muay Thai and MMA teaching system. It's unique Muay Thai & MMA Curriculum is based on step-by-step instructional teaching. Our method of teaching is tailored to each student's varying skill level and ability.

The system teaches you Muay Thai and MMA from the foundation (from zero)giving you the right and appropriate techniques and skills to advance.You can start learning Muay Thai and MMA even if you have not punched or kicked in your life.

The classes are not of a typical gym where all the students are given random fighting techniques. Each class focuses on the varying levels and teaches specific techniques that are needed in order to progress and take time to master.

The classes include specific conditionning drills to help the student not only get fitter but also gain the power, stamina and endurance up to a top level athlete. read more Praetorians Muay Thai and MMA fitness

Transferring From Another Gym or School

Students planning to transfer from other gyms need to be tested to assess their skill level and fix any incorrect techniques they may have acquired. If a student is practicing Karate or Taekwondo and planning to learn Muay Thai and MMA they may do so. But first they must understand that Muay Thai or MMA is not a point based sport, but a fighting sport.

The techniques are different and they may end up starting from the beginning. The student, nonetheless, may have skills that allow them to improve faster as they will be more flexible and athletic than regular individuals. This will be taken into consideration when assessing their level.

Safe Environment for Learning

All training sessions adhere to strict safety precautions, so as not to harm any students. People from different backgrounds practice martial arts for different reasons other than fighting or competing. The safety is ensured by the training guidance in class and the guidelines of sparring.

Personal Characteristics:

  1. Modesty
  2. Respect
  3. Friendly Attitude
  4. Attentiveness
  5. Willingness to Learn and Listen
  6. Ability to Accept Criticism or Feedback


Equipment Needed (It is better to get equipment provided by the School as they get the right type and the equipment is of high quality):

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