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Kru Jad - Muay Thai and MMA school Lebanon Founder

Kru Jad Sakr

Kru Jad Sakr is the founder and head trainer at the Praetorians Muay Thai & MMA school. He is a professional Muay Thai instructor and an MMA expert who has been teaching Muay Thai and MMA since 2007.

Kru Jad has been known to be a distinguished instructor who develops world-class trainings. He has trained and fought in Thailand as a gold medalist, and a trainer of national and international fighters. This is where he earned the title of "Kru" which means the highest form of a teacher in Thai.

He is an internationally recognized instructor accredited by the Thailand Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Culture. Furthermore, he is an accredited Member in the MTIA (Muay Thai International Association) which is known for training top-level fighters such as Kevin Ross (the American Muay Thai champion) and Gina Carano (the pioneer of women's MMA).

Kru Jad is accredited as an MMA coach under international MMA association in the United States. He is also certified instructor in MMA under legendary Coach Greg Jackson who the latter trained multiple UFC world champions: GSP Georges St pierre, Jone Jones and Rashad Evans.

As he is devoted to his craft, he continuously refines his skills by participating in multiple workshops, courses and trainings in the United States hosted by:


Additionally every year since 2011, he participates in training boot camps in Thailand for Muay Thai (Thai Boxing) and MMA (Mixed Martial Arts).