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Kids Marial arts

The kids’ Martial arts is not only a kids sport or fighting program but a true Martial arts program.

The program focuses on 4 main pillars of development:

  • Discipline: the ability for a child to perform a certain task without being distracted.
  • Respect: the ability to value knowledge, teaching and support he is getting throughout his training and life.
  • Self-confidence: the ability to recognize that he is worthy and strong enough to defend himself in case of an attack.
  • Fitness: being fit is not only a physical activity but a mental and psychological aspect that relies on the three pillars above.

The training is an hour long that takes your child through the process of developing his discipline and through physical training as he learns Martial arts techniques in a fun and enjoyable manner. The program includes an anti-bullying program that teaches your child how to deal first in a nonviolent manner before using techniques to stop a physical assault.

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