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Praetorians fitness & conditioning

Martial Arts that develops your fighting skills and your best body

Each session burns up to five times more than your hardest training at a gym

this is due to the nature of the training that includes :
  • Bag Work
  • Pads Work
  • High intensity Drills
  • Speed and Agility drills

The high intensity training of kicking, punching and using multiple drills on the bags and pads do not only help condition your body to be stronger, gain more flexibility better endurance and gain more power in punching and kicking.The Training intensity helps also to burn fat around your glutes and belly leaving you feeling mentally good and physically greater.

  • High Fat Burn
  • Increased Muscle Mass
  • Increased Body Flexibility
  • Stronger Joints
  • Increased Bone Density
  • Increased Endurance & Stamina

What People are saying about it:

Love being so healthy and in shape! The hardest workout Ive ever done, its a way of life now:) When I go back to Lebanon, count me in!

Ryan Hamze

I have recently joined Praetorians and i'm very satisfied with what i have been offered so far . I have been taught many self defense and fighting techniques and at the same time i was able of increasing stamina and body muscle in addition to that the gym is very nice and has a very welcoming and supportive environment. Most importantly, The coach is very attentive to each and every member. He makes sure everyone is improving and he never stops encouraging us. The class is around 1.5-2 hours long. During this time, we warm up, learn new techniques and apply those techniques over and over, we kick, box and spar, and we work on body conditioning, and muscle strengthening. I definitely advise joining Praetorians, because one you join, you never wana stop!

Sawsan Arja
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